Truth in Nutrition: Some Thought-Provoking Reads

My stance on nutrition is not mainstream. But hey, look where mainstream nutrition has gotten us. If you do any serious reading around, you will find that alternative views on nutrition make A LOT of sense. In this post I provide links to a variety of nutritional articles that are unique and thought provoking,

  • answer a nutrition question, and

make sense. So, here we go!

Does Meat Rot In Your Colon? No. What Does? Beans, Grains, and Vegetables!
One of the big pro-vegetarian arguments is that meat rots in your stomach and causes ____ problem. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. In fact, meat never reaches the colon; it’s completely broken down into chyme by that point. So don’t fear meat!

I was wrong about veganism. Let them eat meat – but farm it properly
Another pro-vegggie argument is that meat eating diverts food away from people because grain used to feed cattle could feed more humans than the meat from the cattle. The real problem is that cows are not meant to eat grains, but grass!

How Grains Are Killing You Slowly
Grains are good for you right? Well they can be, but today grains are consumed in a manner that  causes vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Ever wonder why you have tooth decay or osteoporosis?

Damn your low fat diet: How a reformed vegan gorges on all the foods his granny enjoyed… and has never felt better
Most vegans that I know are pale, constantly sniffling, and a bit overweight. Here’s the personal anecdote of one vegan who switched to a healthy meat-based diet.

Health Benefits of a Low-Carbohydrate, High-Saturated-Fat Diet
This article neatly goes over the history of flawed modern nutrition thought, revealing another side of nutrition that’s not spoken of often. Easy and interesting to read, and written by a medical doctor!

Illustrated History Of Heart Disease 1825-2015
This article is a timeline, and gives facts (such as sugar consumption and disease rates) for various years, painting a pretty vivid picture as to what has changed to make heart disease our number one killer.

The Science of Fat-Loss: Why a Calorie Isn’t Always a Calorie
This one compares two studies that fed contestants the same amount of calories each day for a period of time. One group lost weight and the other didn’t. If you’re into calorie counting, read this and learn why biology is not math and why you can’t count calories.

Pasteurization & Homogenization 101
Here’s a look at the dangers of the pasteurization and homogenization process used on milk. It’s a great read, and it may make you want to go out and try some raw milk. Also, lactose-intolerant people can generally consume raw milk without any problems!

Why I’m Not A Vegan
This is a very beautiful article that goes over a non-nutritional side of veganism. In it we learn why we must kill animals to garden properly: you must return to the soil what animals took out. It’s not enough to use manure–the soil needs the bones and blood of the animal as well.

The Skinny on Fats
This is a golden, paramount, definitive essay on fats, written by a biochemist. It touches on an alternate theory of fats, citing huge studies left and right whose results debunk the Lipid Hypothesis, reveal REAL the real science, and make you think only once about eating foods that have saturated fat.